How To Use the BiliBlanket

Before You Start

1. Ensure the arrow symbols on the pad connector and the control box are aligned, then connect them. When disconnecting, pull the metal collar toward the light pad to disengage it.
2. Put the light pad in the disposable cover. The end of the cover that does not contain the velcro straps and the LED side of the light pad should be touching. If you fold the light pad and insert it, it would be easier. If the cover gets dirty during use, discard it and use a new one.
3. Install the eye protection on your baby’s eyes.

How to Place Your Baby

4. Place your baby into the light emitting area of the light pad. Ensure the light pad is already wrapped with the disposable cover. When placing your baby on the light pad, be sure his back and the temperature sensor are aligned.
5. After wrapping the light pad around your baby, fix it with velcro. The power cord should be facing the floor.

How To Operate

Press and hold the power button for about 1 second to turn the power ON or OFF. When booting, the total run time is displayed at the bottom of the LCD display. For more detailed information, please download the BiliTouch Manual (PDF) here.

BiliBlanket Modes

Use in Normal Mode Use the sun button to set the intensity level and it will run continuously.
Use in Timer Mode Use the +30min- button to set the desired timer time in increments of 30 minutes. The timer can be set a maximum of 24 hours. Set the light intensity to high or low by using the sun button.

Video Resources